ODPM Disaster Ready Mobile App

Mobile technology enables citizens to connect to each other and authorities, spreading critical information in times of crisis. This modern versatile mobile app will contain disaster preparedness information, survival skills, emergency contacts, global emergency numbers, links to other disaster preparedness apps, shelter locator feature, disaster checklist items, hazard information and social media contacts. This innovative app will not only protect citizens while they are in Trinidad and Tobago but also when they travel abroad to other countries in the world via its ionic global emergency numbers feature.

ODPM Disaster Shopper Mobile App

The ODPM recognized the importance of disaster preparedness kit to disaster education and therefore developed an educational game known as Disaster Shopper. The objective of this game is to educate both young children and adults on the basic and supplementary items required for a disaster preparedness kit by placing them in a virtual supermarket where they are required to select the required items for the kit off of the grocery shelf. This app is available on Andriod Platform only.

ODPM Kids CORE Mobile App

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management believes that comprehensive disaster management is an ideology that should be instilled at an early age since lessons learnt at this stage will carry through for the rest of one’s life. A paper based children’s activity book was developed to introduce the concepts of disaster management and risk reduction so as to ensure that the country’s youth are better prepared to cope with the impacts of severe hazards and disasters. We propose to convert this paper based book into an innovative, engaging, interactive digital book available on various mobile and tablet platforms.


In 2020, we implemented a Mass Notification and Incident Management System for National Gas Company. This modular system allows the client to send emergency notification messages to employees, stakeholders and the general citizenry during disasters and crises. The system can deliver the messages via email, SMS, voice, mobile app, landline and PBX extensions. In addition, it enables the client to manage the entire incident management lifecycle and last but not least we implemented a personal safety mobile app, which will protect executives and travelling employees during medical and security related emergencies.

Industrial Software Applications

Decision Support
& Troubleshooting Software

We at Juicy Solutions are proud to announce that we were the first company in Trinidad and Tobago to produce a working expert system for oil and gas training for a locally owned energy company i.e. Trinmar Operations. The production operations diagnostic system (P.O.D.S) was designed to enhance the transfer of knowledge between production experts and novices by providing a simulated classroom-like environment in which these novices will be exposed to full time access to accurate, reliable and standardized production operations related information, policies, procedures and troubleshooting knowledge.

Interactive Simulations

We are also proud of our oil and gas process simulator, which was built for the Petroleum Museum in Pointe – A – Pierre Refinery for which we also got commendations from the various stakeholders involved in the Museum.

Customized Safety and
Training Videos

In 2006, Juicy Solutions developed and designed an e-learning training program and associated training video for line and installation contractors, who work for TSTT.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Charge Station

We are proud to announce that we were the first company to install a solar charge station in Trinidad and Tobago. This charge station will provide citizens with clean green electricity to their mobile devices during emergencies and during normal daily activities using energy harvested from the sun.

Crisis Management

Mass Notification Software

In 2012, the Tobago Emergency Management Agency become the first disaster management agency in the Caribbean to implement a modern and highly efficient notification system for all of its emergency responders and associated agencies utiltizing several communication platforms. Using this system, TEMA can generate one message and distribute it to all of their responders using SMS, Email, Phone and Fax communication platforms. This system will reduce communication efforts by operations center staff whilst optimizing response times and resource mobilization.

Health, Safety and Environment

E-Learning Modules

Juicy Solutions prides itself with the development of a new safety training solution, which uses Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash as its foundation platforms. Using this technology along with complex animations, and high quality voice talent, we have been able to build cost effective, flexible, high quality safety orientations for several clients such as Repsol E&P Trinidad, Methanex, BP and Ethlychem. These on-line courses are much more cost effective and flexible than classroom sessions.



In 2012, Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) and in 2013; East Port-Of-Spain Development company Ltd embarked on the implemention of board management portals for their board of directors. This “green” solution will significantly reduce the amount of paper utilized by the board and in turn increases mobility, efficiency, accountability, security and performance while executing their corporate governance activities.